“A faithful and loving wife is the jewel of a marriage,” this was said by Lamar Cole, an appreciative everyday husband.  This quote embodies Hera because she feels complete when married and is committed for better or worse in her relationships.  Hera in this way represent me best out of all the gods and goddesses because I always feel like I need to be in a relationship to feel happy and satisfied.  Without someone to turn to, particularly a male, I lose the feeling of protection and safety.  The reason for this is because my father was never around when I was younger and so I was always looking for a male figure in my life.  Every time I get into a relationship, I do my best to commit because I don’t want him to leave me like my father did.  Unlike Hera, I do not depend solely on the male because I can also be a very independent person.  Not only do I want to be in a relationship, but I also dream about being married one day.  My goal in life is to one day be married to someone I love and have children.  In this, I feel like Demeter also represent who I am.  I’ve always taken care of my three younger sisters because my parents were never around so as I grew up, I came to always nurture and support my sisters in everything they do.  My maternal instincts take over whenever my sisters get sick or get hurt and lately, I’ve been so sad because I realized my two youngest sisters would be in middle school soon.  No matter what though, I always try my best to commit to all of my relationships, whether it is with my younger sisters or with my male companion.