Best of friends for years closer than you can imagine
Talk to each other daily I don’t know just when it happened?
If only I could tell you how I feel inside
You got me Losin’ sleep, I’m thinkin’ Can’t imagine how it feels to see you ridin’ around with the wrong girl
Tell me how do I take her place?

You already know that I’m capable
Can’t you see who’s been there all along?
And I know I can’t be wrong
tell me Why…

did I have to fall in love with you?
¿Cómo me haces falta tú?
When I know without you
I can’t function no more And you,..
you’ll never look at me the same
You know it’s really drivin’ me insane
When I know without you I can’t function

Hardest thing about this confession is
I just might ruin what we have
I don’t wanna lose what we got
But it’s a chance I’ll have to take

Don’t wanna spend my whole life wonderin’
what it feels like Bein’ there beside you and
kissin’ on you all night
See, I’ve been makin’ a mistake

It Ain’t easy lovin’ you when you’re lovin’ her
There’s no words that can’t describe
How it leaves me empty inside
When all I want is you…