I should totally be used to it by now, right? But for some reason, every time it happens, the pain comes and it’s still very noticeable. 

My last boyfriend, lasted 2 weeks, this was a month ago.  Before him, I didn’t date for… TWO years. why? Because I didn’t wanna get hurt anymore, you know the deal: want love, sex, have it all and be together but apparently that didn’t happen and hasn’t happened yet…

So what do you know??? I like someone now. Stupid.

My friend had “set” me up with him…. but what do you figure? He’s not ready for a relationship, so why did you set me up with him? i don’t regret it, because i do like talking to this new guy… but at the same time, if you knew i was looking for a serious relationship, why did you set me up with someone who wasn’t ready for one? it’s disappointing… and again, painful.  i like him.

i’ve been through this before… Was in love with my best friend, got rejected and i stayed friends with him. but then he got too busy with his new college life and now we don’t talk anymore.  i was in love with him, 4 years running. yay *sarcasm* lol

So here I am again.  And here I go again: trying to move on already cuz i know it won’t work out.