You held my hand like you were never gonna let it go

You picked me up like you were never gonna let me fall
But when she came back in your life, it’s like you never saw me at all

Your smile was so true, I believed you were truly happy
Your hugs were so fierce, I believed nothing could bring us down
But one look at her and all your feelings came back, I knew right away I was gonna drown

The memories I have are so tender and sweet
The tears I shed are so streaming and weak
My broken wings once flew so high
But now it’s over, I’ll never touch the sky

You once told me to not cry, to not fall
You said you would catch me, no matter how far
I fell so deep, I couldn’t get out of the hole
And you turned away, I reached my toll

Broken promises… Broken dreams
Broken hearts.. Broken seams.
I miss you truly, all the memories…
But forward I’m moving, slowly