I’m looking for you
Hoping that one of these people might be you
Everyone’s a blur, just a mirage
He has your hair
He has your height
He has your nose
But nothing is right

I turn my head
Every time someone walks by
Just to make sure he’s not you
And with every block I walk
Something reminds me of me and you, an old memory

I think I’m going crazy
Always looking for you.
I think I saw you once, standing at the corner with some friends
But instead of turning around to make sure, I just kept on walking

Would I run away?
Would I stay? Would you stop me?
What would happen if I did see you?
I’m too scared to find out.

I know all I have to do is go there, to that one place I once thought was home
But I’m too scared…
I miss you so much. I just want you to miss me too
But I was probably just a phase in your life
Just another person just passing by

I keep looking for you
But I keep seeing you in my mind
Idk how I lost it all
Idky I wasn’t your all
I must’ve gone crazy cux I thought I was still your baby
And now I’m wandering aimlessly in the dark
Reaching out for someone that will never come….

M. Lor