To my old friend, whom I still think of every now and then


I remember you telling me not to worry

That nothing would change

And all the promises you made

You said wouldn’t be broken


I look back on it now and

I believed in everything you said

I thought our love was so strong

That nothing would be able to break our bond


You were going away to a faraway school

Said you’d never forget me and

That we’d still be best friends

Promised to text me every night

Promised you wouldn’t let me cry

But as quick as you began

Our relationship began to end


It started with the calling

Said you got too busy

Then you said you couldn’t text

Got too busy partying


The work got too much

The stress got too high

Night after night excuses blew me off

Promises got broken

Words were spoken

And soon after you were leaving me behind


I say “Hi” every now and then

But I always get no response

I guess your new girl’s keeping you busy

And I was never enough


I believed in our friendship

The bond that we built

Thought you believed in it too

But it soon went to melt


I still think of you every now and then

Wondering if you remember me too

But choices were made and I understand

But my love for you will never end