It’s not meant to sound mean in any way, so I’m sorry if it sounds that way^^ I wonder if you’ll read this anyways hehe. MUCH LOVE

I don’t even know why we’re still friends

We’re not even trying

I think of you a night or two

But do you even think of me too?


We’re too far apart

Our past’s a broken memory

And in the end

We just have two very different hearts


I’ll always love you in a way somehow

And I don’t know if you feel the same way too

But even in a million years from now

I’ll never forget about you


When I think of love, I always think of you

Because you were and always will be my first

But as time go on, so will we

And I know that one day we will part


Until the time comes, I want to make the most of it

But neither of us is trying hard enough

Because we both know that in the end

It doesn’t matter where we go from here