What little girl doesn’t dream of white pickets and a cottage by the forest? Of being loved by a wonderful man and taking care of children?
When I was younger, I believed it couldn’t be true. Story books were just stories and fantasies were impossible. Yet, I still dreamed of living a life far away in a magical land (also known as Ireland) and being swept away by my knight in shining armor. I wrote stories of how life could be better. I listened to music about finding love and being loved. But despite this, I believed dreams were just dreams…

At age 8, I had to take care of my own sisters; learning how to cook and clean. How to be smarter so I can help with homework, answer questions and cook without poisoning anyone. At age 9, I had to watch my mom leave my dad because he was unfaithful; Couldn’t love my mom enough to only be with her.
At age 12, I watched my mom fade away; too stressed for the kids, too tired from working so much, too distanced to try anymore.
At age 13, I watched my dad fade away too…

When I was younger, I thought marriage was a trap, an end to happiness and unlimited love. But when I was younger, I also thought I’d be a graceful ballerina while singing pop songs around the world. Now, with all the years behind me, I realize the little girl who experienced all that heartache is now a woman who can experience love through a different view.

White pickets and a cottage by a forest, loving and beinDaisy-Cottageg loved by a wonderful man, taking care of children… One day, it can all be true.

Life comes with many difficulties and I took them on as hard as I can. I passed the tests and the issues and I sit here now, happy and content and ready for my challenges. Whatever comes at me, I’ll get past it because I know it’s what I’ll have to do to get to my dreams.