This break so real, it hurts inside.

Though our love ended long ago, the memories remained

Deep inside my mind and soul, but to escape and be free again

Rushing sadness, all this madness, excruciating shocks to make me cringe

curl up and cry till the tears run dry

till each memory say goodbye…

A cry out loud in wanting you, to say hello once more

To want to know where this story folds

and where we stand once more

A strain in me, black and harsh

Until I find the truth within… To ease this pain

To kill these grievous cognizance

I pray for light, for His Righteous hand

to pull me up and show me right again

To say dont go, to ignore the pain

or to say find out, jump off the cliff…

None is right, no one is wrong… To choose is heavy, going left or right…

Please help shine a light