What is your heart saying? What is it telling you?

Those ill-scarring feelings

Have they gone away?

I remember the words you used to say

I remember the words I used to believe in

I remember so much because so much has happened

And yet, I don’t regret a single thing

I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused

I’m sorry if it feels like I’ve strung you along

But know that all of it was always true

And I was more than loyal to you

I loved you with a passion

As burning as the wild, red flame

I loved you with my all

As real as the stabbing pains

The love we used to have

                The feelings we used to share

I have no regrets in all that has happened

But it’s not like I don’t care

I still have lingering feelings, I still think of you

I still wonder about the “what ifs,” but not anymore of the “I do.”

Though we’ve parted, though we won’t speak again

Just know that in my heart

There’s a special place for you