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So I went to a fortune teller and she did a tarot card reading for me. I originally went because my sister was feeling in the dumps and we wanted to go out and just have fun. As I sat down with the fortune teller, let’s call her Linda, she told me to think really hard about what it is I wanted to know. Of course, being young and a romantic, I wanted to know about my love life and how it’ll all work out, etc, etc.

Linda laid down the cards from left to right (from her point of view) and the cards were so pretty at first, then it got darker, and then it just ended with a bit of both. She told me, “Your relationship started out so wonderfully at first. There was so much light and happiness… Then as time went by, someone got hurt and there was doubt and lack of trust.” Isn’t that how it always work? It was obviously vague and I feel like this is true about every relationship. Here I am thinking, “Of course… What else is new?” Then she said, “You don’t really love this guy.” And BAM! I looked at her with a confused face, like.. “Wtf, you talkin’ bout?” And she said, “You love him, but you’re not in love with him… You’re happy with him now, but he can’t provide what you really want. One day, a man will come and sweep you off your feet, but this isn’t him.”

Yes. One day, I want to get married and have kids, and I know the man I’m with now, does not want that. Yes. I believe one day that another man may sweep me off my feet and ask me to be his wife. Yes. I know we won’t last forever and we won’t have that “happily ever after.” But no, I do love him. I love him with all my heart and I’m so much in love with him. We want different things and we are totally different people and in the end, our relationship will come to a close… Deep down inside I know it’ll never work out, but I keep telling myself that I’m still young and right now, I only want to be happy. He makes me so happy and even though we won’t have that happily ever after together, I know I’ll look back on these memories and smile with no regrets.