I look back at some of my writings and some of them are very… Stupid, I suppose is a good word. Some are stupid with horrible spelling and terrible grammar. Yet, there were many where I couldn’t believe I once were able to write like that.
I look back at my poems and they were raw, beautiful, dark… And I’m just thinking, “Why can’t I do that anymore?” I used to be so good at writing and now I feel like I need to go back to school just to learn the basics again. I was a better poetry writer at thirteen than at twenty. Just knowing that saddens me. I suppose, the only option is for me to try again 🙂 Try harder, keep writing, stay focus.
Every year, I think about how dumb it is to have a New Year’s Resolution, because if you really wanted to make change in the first place, you wouldn’t wait all year to finally do it! But I guess this year, since it’s still January and all, my New Year’s Resolution will be to persevere in my writing and improve my current writing skills.
I hope and pray that by the end of the year, I’m able to accomplish this.