It started so brightly, so beautiful and full of hope. Now, I can’t help but wonder if it was all a hoax.
The beginning is always a blur, blinded to the innocence and fun and possibility of love. But, somewhere along the line of you and I, the truth came out and everything seemed like a lie.
But you tell me you love me, so truly and deeply. That it was happiness for you while I was confused.
So many mixed signals, and I know I think too much, but I can’t help but wonder…
What happened to the beginning?
You always held me close. You always looked at me. And when you did, I always knew of your feelings for me. I felt the love and happiness and wonder when you looked into my eyes.
You used to hold my hands and take me out, used to claim me and be proud.
Yet, lately, I feel as though it’s all gone. You say you love me, but nothing’s changed.
You haven’t made an effort, but you keep apologizing. What is there to forgive if you aren’t trying anymore?
I want more, more than just being in your room. I want more, more than just picking up food on the way. I want more, more than just the short phone calls each day…
I’m not asking for forever or for your hand in marriage. But, I’m asking for the beginning. For the love and joy you’ve once shown me.