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“Love is patient, love is kind… It is not self-seeking.”

Reading this over and over again, I realized that’s what I do. I seek love for myself. Even when I have it, I seek more: I wish this happened, I wish that happened… But that’s not love, that’s selfishness.
I realized that I needed to change. I’ve always talked about loving conditionally, but in order to do so, I need to learn not to expect anything in return.

“It is NOT self-seeking.”

I’m not sure how anyone does it. It’s only humane to want to be loved. So how does one love and not get tired of being hurt? I want to, and I will, learn how to love without self-seeking. That’s not to say I’m going to sacrifice my own happiness though. I worked really hard to be where I’m at now and I’m not going to throw it all away. But, I will continue to work on bettering myself and in the process of doing so, I’m sure that I’ll eventually be happier as well.
So, with a new way to look at things, I’ll learn how to really love unconditionally. I’ll learn to be patient and kind. I’ll learn to not be seeking for my own selfish wants. I’ll learn because no matter what, “Love never fails.”