I’m stuck in a circle, unable to change directions
Is it comfort that settles me in? Or fear that pulls me back?
I know the love I feel is true, but I also know the love I feel is limited
We’re never going to go anywhere, we’ll never want the same things
We said we’ll stay this way until we find another, until someone else comes along
But here we are, years later, still together with no effort to find anyone else
So why stay?
Because I love you. Because you love me
Because it’s hard to find another that will accept me the way that you do
Because it’s hard to start over again and love someone new
But why stay?
I still want more than staying in your room
Still want more than getting food along the way
And yet, years later, nothing’s changed;
You still apologize, yet make no effort
You still say you’re trying, yet this relationship is unsatisfying
Never fulfilling, never enough
Never any more than a chasing crush
Because I’m still waiting, still hoping
That you’ll change your mind and want to start a family
That you’ll change your mind and want to marry me…